Shenkar Class of 2018: From Ideas to reality

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As a Fashion Illustrator, nothing makes me more excited than seeing some new beautiful art. It is my privilege to share the new fashion illustrations of the Shenkar Fashion Design Class of 2018.
I am still amazed with all this Talent and cannot wait to see the real garments on the runway! Here is a taste of what is to come: 

By Yanky Golian

By Nataf Hirshberg

By Linor Kahalani

By Or Paz

By Andrea Dorazilova

By Osnat Tzfoni

By Bar Bukai

By Dana Fadida

By Dana Schwartz

By Tal Glasermann

By Ifat Ezra

By Lior Schwartzman

By Lital Ofir

By Maor Issac

By Maya Hochsheshter

By Maya Vilner

By Maya Mokady

By Maya Hacohen

By Meital Levitan

By Maya Nae

By Maya Raviv

 By Maayan Levi Meir

By Naama Livnat

By Si Madam

By Sivan Zacharya

By Stav Hoffman

By Agur Man

Corali Gat

Ruth Philosof

By Racheli Azulay

By Sachar Giladi

By Shacked Arkin

By Tamar Eiger

By Tamar Rabinovitch

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