Zendaya rocks 60's Fashion in the September issue of Marie Claire

by - 6:17:00 AM

Illustration By Talia Zoref

The exotic Zendaya, a talented actress who you may remember from her roles in the movie “Spider-Man Homecoming,” the Disney series “K.C. Undercover” and the movie “The Greatest Showman” is setting the stage for the fall season on the cover of Marie Claire magazine in the September 2018 issue.

In this issue, Zendaya is the perfect epitome of the 60s look with her hair thrown up loosely into a beehive and her eyes accented with heavy eye makeup. Zendaya is the perfect choice for this look and she brings it to life.
Here is a digital painting combined with a watercolor painting showing Zendaya with her  thick eyelashes wearing a leopard print jacket.

Zendaya makes the African American community proud with her accomplishments.



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