COROMANDEL Legend Jewelry collection by Chanel

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Evocation Florale Necklace with Green Tourmaline Beads and Huge Mint-Green Tsavorite Garnets.
Sketch By Talia Zoref

Coco Chanel believed that you wear jewelry to decorate your outfit to make it complete. In 1932, the Guild of International Diamond Merchants commissioned Coco to design a collection with diamonds set in platinum together with French Illustrator Paul Iribe. The collection was very well received and many people came to see it. At this point, Gabrielle Coco Chanel’s vision for jewels changed from being not just a decoration, but also an investment.
Fast forward to today and we find Gabrielle Coco Chanel’s love for Coromandel is the inspiration for the new Chanel high Jewelry collection. I attended the new high jewelry launch event at Grand Palais during Paris Couture Week.
Coromandel brought great joy to Coco and in 1910, she bought Chinese screens during her visit so that she could use them to adorn the walls of her apartment on 32 rue Cambon in Paris . Now her love and joy has been brought back to life with these gorgeous and elegant pieces.
I had the pleasure to sketch this exquisite collection, which has pieces that are inspired by Chinese Coromandel lacquer featuring flowers, animals and minerals

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