Window Display Illustration of Paris Chic created by Talia Zoref for Factory54

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Finally, after working very hard, I am proud to present my art for the @factory54 Pop-up store window display and branding. This has been a great experience especially since I had such a short deadline. I feel that I learned so much during the process. It has always been one of my dreams to have my illustrations displayed in billboard size in the heart of Tel Aviv.

At the entrance of the pop up store of Factory 54 at the Tel Aviv Gindi shopping mall, you are met with a sophisticated Parisian vibe from the beautiful illustrations on display making you a part of the fantasy of being in France. You become part of this world where a bicycle is nonchalantly parked under a streetlight on the backdrop of a shopping window. As you continue, you come face to face with a young couple taking a breather to have an aromatic cup of coffee as the city life goes by. You can also see elegantly dressed shoppers walking on the sidewalk next to the classy window display setting the mood for the Parisian vibe.

 Window shop illustration by Talia Zoref

  Window display illustration by Talia Zoref

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